With all of the holidays coming up, I have started looking for some pretty pieces to wear during different occasions. We have the dinners, cozy family days (mandatory), parties, dances and much more. I want to cover all of these occasions for you with my best picks for every holiday event! The part that is most fun to shop for must be the dinner-to-party because that's when you get to dress up a bit extra! Whenever I go out for a dinner with my friends I tend to not dress up as much as I could because I always think that the night will end there and then. That is usually a bad idea since we, after a couple of glasses of wine, want to dance the night away. These garments will definitely live up to that!

All of these items are found on Lipsy.co.uk, where I often buy my prettier dresses. You can even get great deals on Lipsy and many other brands via Lipsy Deals available at ZymDeals.uk.

Sequin dress - Lipsy / Lace dress - Lipsy

Georgette blouse - Lipsy / Lace bodysuit - Lipsy

Floral embroidered top - Lipsy / Metallic plissé bardot top - Lipsy

/In collaboration with ZymDeals

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