Right now I am so jealous of my friends who live in Stockholm. They have tons and tons of snow so that it looks exactly like a winter wonderland. Where I live, the snow is falling but it is not settling as I thought it would do... It is just melting. I am so excited for snow, advent, Christmas/Yule and everything wintery.

Moving on from pretending to be a meteorologist, I actually received my Kenzo x HM parcel last night! The 100% satin trousers are amazing and they fit me wonderfully. When ordering I wasn't sure about whether to take the 34 (UK 6) or 36 (UK 8) since my waist is tiny but my hips don't lie but the 34 turned out to be a good choice. Despite that, I am still not sure if I will keep them and I will have to decide really soon so that I can return them if not. They were a result of impulse buying and I should save money for our London trip but I think I'm in love! The sweatshirt is of the softest material and the gold hardware, buttons looking like tiger heads, are very cool as well as the ruffles. Definitely a keeper!

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