I have always loved clothes. From all different kinds of styles that are considered weird to more classic cuts. Looking at clothes is for me an act of relaxation and creativity, but sooner or later an interest like this could backfire. In your bank accounts. I will not accept that happening to me, so I have found an alternate way of acting on your love for the creativity that fashion holds.

Everywhere in social media we are being constantly encouraged to buy new things. The point is that we don't need all of those things we are being exposed to. Having an interest for fashion, like me, doesn't necessarily mean that your natural habitat is inside the mall or that you will always broke because you spent all of your money on clothes. Shopping as a hobby is bad for your personal finance as well as for your reward system. It is not, and I repeat not, a good idea to shop to fill an empty space in your life. Most of the time, when we shop without needing anything, we do it because it is relaxing or because we think that our new items will give us happiness. If this is your case you might want to ask Sherlock to take a look at it (or simply just examine yourself and fix the shopping addiction).

Evaluating your wardrobe, and deciding on what pieces you would actually need to eventually get your dream wardrobe, is a much more sustainable thing to do. I have collected my all time favorite tips for you, fashion lovers, to do instead of shopping for shopping's sake.

No 1. Take inventory of your wardrobe! How many white shirts do you have; do you really need another? And how many pairs of jeans do you own; only one? Write it all down in your notebook/planner and keep a list of it. Seeing the numbers written down will make it so satisfying to know that you actually do own enough of things.

No 2. Use Pinterest! Pin your favorite styles and looks and save them onto your boards. Getting hold of your inner style will help you not to buy items that you will not wear. Shopping continuously is often a sign of you not being happy with what you have in your wardrobe. Seeing your dream style on a board will help you stop buying things you don't feel confident in.

No 3. Recreate your Pinterest looks yourself! You don't always need new clothes to be able to have your own little runway in front of the mirror trying out new combinations and new stylings of clothes that you already own.

But sometimes... We all just need to go out and treat ourselves to something new that will actually enrich our own collection of clothes. Good luck!

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